Tips To Organize The Best Dinner Parties

Planning to organize your first dinner party? Well, we’ve got you covered. Down below, we have mentioned some of the best tips that will help you plan in advance and help you get ready for that big party!

What Can You Do Two Weeks Before?

Before you get on with your dinner party, it is essential that you prepare your guest list first. Ensure that there are enough dishes you want to serve everyone, and have a fair understanding of the number of people who can come and whether you can accommodate so many. Then you can start sending out the invitations because people need to be ready beforehand. You can also take some time to soak in the atmosphere and then find the best decor.

What To Do When You Are One Week Away?

Next, make sure you have confirmed all the guests you are coming. You can also plan your menu during this time. Check what ingredients happen to be in season and what has to be prepared before any party begins. Check what dishes you want your guests you enjoy, what kind of plates, tools, garnishes you want, etc. You can also sort out the candles or even the decor you would like for your evening.

What To Do Two Days Ahead?

Make sure you have picked all the ingredients for your next dinner. Buy all the beverages and wine that you would like to serve. Keep a nice corkscrew to make the evening convenient and easy for all. You can also purchase wine alongside other beverages you want to service. Make sure you have some extra ice a couple of days ahead.

What To Do One Day Ahead?

Try to prepare your food, get your marination ready. This also includes the dessert. Clean up your apartment, including all the areas where all the guests have to be in the bathroom, living room, or dining room. Please make sure your dishwasher and trash bin are ready for the following morning. You can also pick up the flowers to add a natural touch to your home.

What To Do One Day Before The Party?

Now, it is time to set things up. You can take this up from all pro chefs and prepare a nice palace where you can set out the garnishes, sauces, and other ingredients that you would like. You could also prepare all the last dishes. Make sure to set up the linens, glasses, table settings, candles, placards, and the rest.

However, you dont always have to prepare for the best dinner parties at home. You can always go for brunch or dinner outside if you want to do it in a cheaper and more affordable manner. You can always look for the group bookings dinner and we will take care of the rest for you. We serve you the best of Vietnamese cuisine at super affordable prices. From delicious red curries to mouth-melting snacks and of course, we have some amazing drinks like rose, cocktails, beer, cider, etc.

If you want to book a table with us, call us right away. We are open all days and can accommodate all group sizes. However, make sure to check our COVID-19 policies before finalizing your booking.

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