Stratis Morfogen talks about how new technologies could help the business of hospitality

In a recent interview, Stratis Morfogen, who helped create the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other new ways to eat, talked about how the restaurant uses cutting-edge technology and how the hospitality industry needs to change.

Keep things as they are! Stratis Morfogen says that he has always made other people’s lives hard. He was raised by a father who was never happy with the way things were, and he has kept this attitude as an adult.

Just as you are about to give up, miracles happen

Stratis Morfogen has been through something similar before. He knows how hard it is to stay positive when things aren’t going well, but he has shown that persistence can lead to success.

Because 2020 was a difficult year, the hospitality industry went through a big change. Stratis Morfogen, on the other hand, was already committed to putting the customer first. Because of this, he was able to navigate the uncharted waters of the pandemic and build a restaurant that would become an industry standard. You ate food that came from Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The logo of the company from which he so generously donated was on the gift bag, so it was easy for the people to find. Stratis Morfogen turned down the GoFundMe ideas because he doesn’t like to show off how generous he is. He did, however, ask other business owners for help to feed about 9,000 service troops.

When things change, there are often new chances

Morfogen took the chance to keep being creative like he usually does and to offer more services to his customers.

The chefs at Brooklyn Dumpling House changed a popular dish from the menu of the famous Brooklyn Chophouse to make it easier for customers to order. The Automat at Brooklyn Dumpling House has been updated with new technology, which lets the restaurant give better service in less time.

Stratis Morfogen did a lot of research on the Automat’s history to try to figure out why it broke down. He knew that no technology was used and that no one was there during the transaction.

Morfogen has always put a lot of value on coming up with new technologies and providing excellent customer service.

This way of thinking has been put into action by Stratis Morfogen, who has opened an NFT Lounge in the Brooklyn Chop House. On a sliding scale, members can use the VIP lounge’s features. The first deployment is just the beginning of his company’s study of the metaverse.

No matter how advanced the technology is, the main goal of the hotel industry is to provide great service to customers. All of the regions around Morfogen say that it is known for being friendly. When he first started doing business on the Internet, he made it his personal goal to give each and every customer a great experience.

People have seen Stratis Morfogen reading testimonials until 3 a.m., making changes as needed, and sometimes answering client calls on his own cell phone. This problem has been going on for about 25 years.

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