Four Reasons to Order Your Pizza at Your Favourite Restaurant Instead of Making It Yourself

If you are like some people, you have probably tried making your own pizza only to feel unsatisfied and disappointed. For many, DIY pizza is not that difficult. After all, it is only dough, cheese, sauces, and toppings, so you think that nothing could wrong.  However, making pizza is an art that you should leave to those who specialise in it. So, here’s why you should order your pizza from the Double Pizza restaurant instead of making it yourself:

Pizza Making Can Get Messy

Making pizza involves kneading, flattening, and spinning dough. While it may seem like a lot of fun, you may find the cleanup part a nightmare. When you make pizza from scratch, you could be left with flour particles and other debris that remain on the floor for several weeks after you have consumed your pizza. If you want to avoid this mess, you better place an order at your favourite pizza place. 

Ordering Pizza is Cheaper than Making It Yourself

To make pizza from scratch, you must invest in quality flour, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, and onions. And these are not the only items that must go into your grocery list. You also have to factor in your preferred toppings as well as accoutrement like fresh basil. What about the sauce? Things can quickly get costly when you consider the equipment cost. 

You May Not Have the Right Oven

Certain kinds of pizza are baked at very high temperatures and home ovens can only top out at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is short of the temperature mark that pizza restaurants utilise for making 18-inches pizza pies. Thus, classic pizzas cannot be achieved in the standard kitchen. So, if you want to try these pies and take your pizza experience to the next level, you should order them from your favourite place.

Time is Money

When you bake pizza at home, you will need to spend hours to have it done right with the right sauce. You will need more than two hours to make your pizza at home. And if you want the crust to be flavourful with the perfect chew/crust ratio, your dough needs to go through cold fermentation, which means you have to chill it overnight in your fridge. This means you must begin the cooking process in advance. But if you can avoid this hassle when you opt for the one-click pizza ordering process. Pizzas made at home cannot top the deliciousness and freshness of pizzas from good restaurants. 

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