Why Should You Have a Riverside Wedding?

Marrying the love of your life is all that you have been dreaming about. From the time of “popping the question” till the time a bride will walk down the aisle, planning a wedding is a tedious task. While some people love a big fat wedding, some find their happiness in small wedding parties with close people. Depending on your wedding preference you will have to face the task of deciding on a wedding venue. Riverside resto st henri can end your search for a perfect wedding venue. Be it a minimalist wedding or an extravagant gala, riverside weddings are a scene shot in heaven. 

Offers a perfect view 

You will relieve the day of your dreams again and again by scrolling through the wedding photos. Invest in a good photographer and the background of the venue. An enigmatic sun setting by the river and you sitting with your newly wedded partner will give you a picture to cherish for a lifetime. 

Break the stereotype 

People often like to have a wedding at a church. You can be different from the. Even if you are a deeply religious person, you can have a wedding outside a church as God is everywhere. And what better than to have a wedding amidst the creation of God- nature? 

Having a wedding beside a river, green river banks and the open sky is the perfect way to show your gratitude to the creator of all. 

Unlimited space 

If you are a social butterfly, you probably have planned your wedding with a huge guest list. Churches and restaurants might have restrictions and limitations regarding people’s capacity. But when you choose a river-side restaurant, you will get enormous space to fit in all your guest with ease. 

Brighter and earthy tones 

A wedding is a tie that was created in ancient times and cherished by people ever since. If you have a heart for simplicity, plan your wedding with earthy tone lines, hand-picked flowers, and a beautiful natural setting. 


You deserve to feel special at your wedding. And a riverside wedding will add charm to your already special day. The space, ambiance, and comfort you will have with the riverside wedding will bring happiness to your heart. People will enjoy the stay and talk about your D-day years after. 

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